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Centroid Performance Racing

The world's #1 choice for performance racing machine tools.

The CENTROID Advantage

Advantages and benefits of owning and operating a CENTROID performance racing machine tool

Comprehensive Turn-Key Packages

All CENTROID Performance Racing machine tools are sold as complete turn-key systems. We supply the machine, the software, the tooling, the training, and the ongoing support to ensure you go straight into production and stay there for years to come! There are no hidden costs like with other companies, and our standard features are their options!

CENTROID Puts You in Control of Your Shop

If you can dream it, you can cut it! With CENTROID's industry standard G-Code CNC control, engine block and universal conversational programming packages, and Mastercam CAD/CAM software, your imagination is the only limiting factor. With no additional programs to purchase, and no need to edit g-code, you'll never have to rely on someone else to get the job done right.

Our A560 machine steps up the game even further eliminating the need for multiple, specialized machine tools. With one machine you can port cylinder heads, blueprint engine blocks, and still have a vertical machining center will all the features and none of the drawbacks and limited machine travel found elsewhere.

More than Just a One-Stop Shop

From the circuit board to the finish line, CENTROID machine tools offer more components made in the USA and under one roof, than anyone else. We don't just mix a bunch of components from different vendors together - we actually design and manufacture the CNC control and software, digitizing probe, fixtures, rotary tables, and more. Not only does this allow us to provide unmatched quality and compatibility between components, but also ensures you only ever need to call one place for support, and never get the runaround.

Unmatched Worldwide Service and Support

You will not find better service and support from any company, in any industry, and at any price that compares to CENTROID. Our expert training and support staff are the very same technicians and engineers who helped develop CENTROID's machines, software and processes. At CENTROID we also understand that problems don't always happen from 9-5 or in one time zone. Our staff is available for support when you need it!


Over 40 Years CNC Experience

At CENTROID we take a different approach to performance racing CNC machine tools. For us, CNC isn't just another product in our lineup, it's who we are! With over 40 years experience in the aerospace, medical, automotive, and general manufacturing industries, CENTROID is able to offer easy to use, accurate, purpose-built CNC machines that utilize industry standards including G-code, CAD/CAM compatibility, conversational programming, tooling and more. The end result is flexible, powerful CNC machine tools capable of easily handling your automotive specific tasks and anything else you can throw at it! The powerful CENTROID M400 control is also PC-based, making software updates and adding new features quick, painless, and affordable!

Highly experienced sales team

CENTROID's worldwide network of sales representatives have more than 180 years combined experience in the performance racing industry. They provide convenient, local, face-to-face service to help you get the right tools for your job. Offering a complete line of automotive machinery to outfit an entire shop, or simply providing the latest in tooling for an upcoming project, CENTROID's sales representatives will make sure you get the most out of your investment.

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