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CNC Cylinder Head Porting and Engine Block Machining Videos

CENTROID Performance Racing Machines in Action!

5 axis CNC Supercharger porting and machining, Jeff Smith, Late Model Throttle

Jeff Smith, Owner of Late Model Throttle talks about his A560 and his working relationship with Centroid at the PRI Tradeshow.

Dave Weber, Owner of MMX talks about Centroid CNC machines and support

Dave Weber, Owner of Modern Muscle Xtreme talks about his long time working relationship with Centroid at the PRI Tradeshow.

5 axis CNC Engine Block and Cylinder Head Machining, Interview with Visner Engine Development.


We caught up with Derik Timmer of Visner Engine Development to check out some of the cool stuff Visner is making with their Centroid A560 5 axis CNC Engine Shop Machining Center and to hear what he has to say about working with Centroid.










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