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Larry Morgan Racing
VAC Motorsports
Late Model Throttle
Late Model Engines Late Model Engines
Victory Precision Machine

Victory Precision Machine

Mullins Race Engines

With our existing equipment we were at the end of the road with our machining capabilities, with our new CENTROID CNC machine we soon realized our imagination would be our only limitation going forward.

- Chad Mullins, Mullins Race Engines

Three Time USMTS Modified Engine Builder of the Year
Nine time UMP Modified Engine Builder of the Year
Two time IMCA Late Model Engine Builder of the Year

Trick and Mansweto Racing

Affordable Racing Parts

Modern Muscle

After 10 years of building NASCAR Championship winning engines, I finally found the perfect tool for the job.

- Dave Weber, Modern Muscle Performance

Racers Edge AZ

With the help of our CENTROID 5-axis CNC head machine, we have been able to bring race-winning heads to the public with quick turn-around and repeatability that has helped our customers win races around the world.

- Bret Barber, Racers Edge AZ

Williford Racing

The CENTROID CNC head porting package is the best purchase we have made in 15 years. The end-to-end solution has kept us ahead of the technology curve and allowed our staff to focus on more projects due to the efficiency of 5-axis cylinder head porting.

- Rodney Williford, Williford Racing LLC

Competition CNC

We've been running the CENTROID 5 axis machine for over 2 years now and its been great. As a custom CNC head porting shop we do a wide variety of applications with many variants of each. Making port modifications with Mastercam is quick, easy and accurate. The 3d port model in mastercam helps you visualize the required modifications to the ports cross sectional area, taper, and the shape of critical areas. Port data can be extracted from this model to verify the changes before you cut the port. This saves us a bunch of time and potential mistakes. Having never used a CNC machine before we bought the CENTROID, we knew nothing about CNC machines. CENTROID's training and tech support after the training is awesome. An answer to a technical question is a phone call away.

- Jim Gilnack, Competition CNC

Hemphill Racing Engines

We say on our website that "We begin where other shops say it can't be done" A large part of that is because of the capabilities our CENTROID CNC machine gives us. One good example is our billet runner manifolds. I would not even attempt one without this machine. It is also reassuring to know that knowledgable tech support and timely upgrades are only a phone call away.

- Tom Hemphill, Hemphill Racing Engines

Brzezinski Racing Products

The CENTROID CNC machine is essential to getting the porting done quickly and with minimal variation from cylinder to cylinder. Our CENTROID CNC machining operations to cylinder heads means closer tolerances and faster delivery.

- Randy Brzezinski, Brzezinski Racing Products

Dasa Racing

Since our first part we made with our CENTROID CNC we've been able to produce many race wining cylinder heads for both our Yamaha factory team and our Honda race team. We took a part that required 20 to 40 hours to make and reduced the time to 2 hours using our CENTROID CNC porting system. It's been very successful for us.

- Dan Lamey, Dasa Racing

Automotive Machine and Supply

With over 46 years in the hi-performance Harley-Davidson and Metric engine business, we know quality work and customer service are key success factors. When AMS decided to purchase our first CNC machine, we looked for a company that shared those same values. We chose CENTROID - and they have proved to be a wise choice... In fact, the two prime reasons AMS now owns four CENTROID CNC machines is simply CENTROID's excellent performance, and outstanding 'after-the-sale' customer support ... it's tough to find better folks to deal with than CENTROID's crew....You can bet, as our business grows, we'll add more CENTROID CNC machines to our shop.

- Tom and Eric Nichols, Automotive Machine & Supply

Revolution Performance

We're at the point where we can service any OEM Harley casting from Evo Big Twins, XL or Twin Cams. Beyond that, the capabilities of the CENTROID CNC machine allows us to be versatile as models change. The software driving the center can manipulate the port in increments not possible by hand. It can also compensate for core shift in the bare castings that can occur when the heads are manufactured. This allows a proper replication every time. Most other CNC systems can�t do this.

- Brian Nallin, Revolution Performance

Galto Racing Enterprises

We have been using our CENTROID 5-axis CNC for over two years now. The reliability and versatility of this machine has allowed us to spend more time developing cylinder heads and manifolds while at the same time improve production. It has also given us the ability to take on other 5-axis machining processes in house. All of our manifold runners, port plates and anything else that we can clamp to the table are easily machined in our CENTROID CNC. This allows us to tailor cylinder heads & manifolds to each customers needs quickly & accurately. The support we�ve received from CENTROID over the last two years has been incredible. THANK YOU!

- Jim Galto, Galto Racing Enterprises



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