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CNC Cylinder Head Porting and Engine Block Machine Tool Brochures

A590 5-axis CNC Machining Center Brochure

Super Duty A590 180 Degree B axis , 5-axis CNC Engine Shop machining center:

A new level of 5-axis CNC machining performance and price point is found in the Centroid A590 5-axis machining center. Weighing in at 23,000 lbs the new A590 combines quickness and accuracy with a large work table, high material removal rates and heavy part weight capacities with an easy to use operator CNC control interface with the latest CNC software. As the name implies the A590’s B axis rotates 90 degrees in each direction for a full 180 degrees of movement of the tilting B axis spindle head. The A590 accommodates work-pieces up to 26.5” in diameter and 46” long with a weight of up to 2425 lbs. The X, Y and Z axes provide swift smooth movement with cutting and rapid feedrate up to 1000 IPM . The A590 has an optional 40 HP 16,000 RPM B axis spindle with through-the-tool coolant and the both the standard 27 HP spindle and the optional spindle are liquid cooled to tightly control thermal growth. Equipped with a heavy duty B axis drive the new design allows for ultra accurate positioning at high rotational rates which yields high metal removal rates while maintaining accuracy, tool life and providing exceptional surface finishes. The A axis employs a roller cam drive with high torque capacities for heavy cuts and fast rotational rates even with heavy parts. The massive wide machine tool base and column provides the stability needed with dual pair extra large linear ways on the Y axis which allow the large work table (23.6” x 66.9”) to be loaded at any point since it is fully supported. Equipped with a standard 24 position swing arm tool changer a 40 position tool changer is optional for shops that need a large numbers of tools to complete a job. With unlimited G-code file size the A590 is equipped with a Centroid M400 CNC control with its fast block throughput, high speed 5-axis machining is a standard feature specifically designed for high feedrate, tight tolerance machining of short vector G-code created by modern CAD/CAM systems. Large part programs can be handled with ease, the M400 is equipped with a large Solid State Drive and is also easy to network for easy part program downloads and backups. Designed for machining complex 3D contoured work-pieces the A590 holds tight tolerances with flawless blends and matches of the part geometry. Built in the USA the Centroid A590 is backed by USA based technical support and service.

Engine Shop 5 axis CNC machining center

Engine Shop 5-Axis CNC machining center: The A560 and A560 XL
Heads, Blocks and Parts. One machine, one fixture.

One brochure for both the regular sized A560 and the A560 XL. Gearless articulating head design yields fast smooth cylinder head porting and 5-axis machining. The unique ballscrew drive mechanism (patent pending) provides superior speed, accuracy, and rigidity over traditional articulated head designs, along with virtually maintenance-free operation. The 27Hp 20,000 RPM spindle allows for faster cycle times with exceptional surface finishes in a wide variety of materials, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Steel, Composites, & Plastics. Whether you need to port long 6 cylinder, V10/12 or Diesel cylinder heads, have a production volume of heads to machine, or have a specialty application requiring extreme angles. Included in the A560 XL turn-key system is the tooling and fixture package, expert training, and outstanding customer service and support guarantees success. click here to download the brochure in pdf. Be sure to scoll down when viewing to see the entire brochure. (6 pages in total)


Discover the CENTROID advantage with the CNC Engine Block Machining Center: Blocks and Parts with the same machine. We provide the machine, tooling, software, and personalized on-site training you need to be successful. In addition to the included ready-to-run block programs, our conversational software gives you the power & flexibility to easily add new blocks and operations, so you’ll never need to purchase additional programs or edit G-Code. The CNC control, digitizing probe, universal block fixture, and software are all made in the USA by CENTROID, allowing us to provide unmatched service and support. Contact your CENTROID representative today to start building race-winning engines with the Centroid!

Call John Cowher for more informaiton on Centroid's new CNC Block machining center. 814 353-9266 Ext. 101



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